A New Way of Eating

Eating the way my wife, Holly, and I do is strange. I can’t find cookbooks, recipes, or websites that truly capture our healthful eating style, probably because it is so boring. I love what we eat, but put my recipes against a buttery cheesecake, and see what you want to make.

We’ve Been Counting Calories All Wrong – Motherboard

Very interesting read. I think this points to the importance of eating whole foods and avoiding highly processed packaged goods. I am still an advocate for weighing food and calculating calories because that is what we have available to us. But, I find that if you fill your diet with a lot of vegetables and…

Tricked by Health Food – Energy Bars, Snack Bars, Protein Bars

This is the protein and energy bar section at my grocery store. A lot of variety,  but most are just candy in disguise.  To make these bars palatable,  I expect some manner of sweetener. Coconut sugar, dates, monk fruit, stevia, and erithritol are good choices.  High fiber tapioca syrup in small quantities seems to be…

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food – NYTimes.com

This is a long article, but it provides some fascinating insight into how the food industry is manipulating you to get you to buy and eat more of their crappy food. I don’t really talk about the salt issue in this blog, but sugar, dextrose, and maltodextrin are big topics. You would hope the grocery…

Tricked by Health Food – Cereal

Cereal can be a fast, nutritious breakfast. Unfortunately, the options we have are surprisingly limited, if you are watching calories, fat, and sugar. I have some options that appear healthful on this post, but once you analyze the labels, you find you might as well eat sugary kid cereal.

Tricked by Health Food – Yogurt

I read an article the other day that showed 67% of grocery shoppers have trouble making healthful food decisions reading nutrional labels. It isn’t surprising given that food commercials tell you about their new whole grain cereals, good for you yogurt, natural cane sugar replacing horrible corn syrup, high protein, and gluten free everything, so you expect those foods to be good for you.

Redefining Breakfast

Breakfast in the US is bad for you. I love all things breakfast: pancakes, waffles, bacon, biscuits and sausage gravy, sugary cereal, even creamy oatmeal. But, they are horrible; too much sugar and fat, calorie heavy, and low on nutrional benefits. 75% of what you can get should be classified as dessert.

Weighing Everything!

You need to read your labels and get a digital scale to be successful. You will also need data to fill in gaps where you don’t have labels, like for meat, vegetables, and some other random ingredients.